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  The advent of bike-sharing has greatly changed the way people travel. It not only improves people’s travel efficiency, but also lowers the cost (降低成本)of one’s trip to a certain extent.


  Last but least, conception of bike-sharing makes it possible for us to lead a healthy and active lifestyle because it is an environment-friendly (环境友好型)means of transportation.


  It is highly recommended (强烈建议) that the sharing bike providers give a better management to their bike-sharing system. It can be expected that bicycle-sharing system will play a contributing and constructive role in urban public transportation.


  Shared bikes have been seized upon (抓住,利用)by commuters (通勤者)as a cheap and convenient way to navigate congested cities.


  But recently there has been mounting (逐渐增加的)complaints over an accumulation of millions of shared bikes on city streets. Bikes are often broken down or left haphazardly (随意地)parked by users outside of designated zones, which have seriously influenced citizens’ life.


  What’s worse, safety issues have also arisen, including the reported death of a primary school student who was struck by a bus when he was riding a shared bike.


  To tackle (处理)these problems, all aspects of the city should make concerted efforts (齐心协力). Authorities should take actions to tighten controls on parking of bikes, devise systems to penalize offenders and develop standards (制定标准)on maintenance and bicycle life spans.



  For thousands of years, it has been considered a social responsibility and behavioral norm (行为规范)to respect the elder in China.


  There is no doubt that traditional morality, as a national spirit, is a valuable contribution to social harmony and progress and thus should be advocated and promoted in modern times.



  First and foremost, people will be deprived of (被剥夺)much since they become over-cautions and feel insecure all the time. Besides, a lack of trust is detrimental to personal relationships since “ Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.” Last but not least, people’s loss of trust in the government could intensify social contradictions (加剧社会矛盾).


  Therefore, it is high time that (正是......的时候)we called on all sides to deal with the trust crisis. For one thing, the government should make great efforts to promote a credibility system. For another, the mass media should also play a positive role in restoring mutual trust among people.



  People tend to believe that experts are more professional, that prestigious experts can always make faster and better diagnosis and treatment.


  This, in my opinion, not only wastes people’s time, but also takes up the precious medical resources (占用宝贵医疗资源).




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  2) interpret the intended meaning,and

  3) give your comments.

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